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 [How to use] 

1. Busan City Pass Mobile purchases and payments


2. Busan City Pass Mobile Voucher Verification
3. Reserve and confirm the departure time with the company before boarding
   (Reservation required)


  Diamond Bay Tel : 051-200-0002


4. Present mobile voucher at the Diamond bay.



*Barcode validity period: 30 days from date of purchase


*Vouchers not used within the validity period will be considered void.



Diamond Bay Yacht Schedules may change due to yacht conditions and weather conditions.

You must arrive 30 minutes before the departure and fill out the "boarding report".

Please check each company's holiday and notice.

For more information, please refer to "Related Products"

소아/유아의 나이구분은 탑승일 기준에 따르며, 승선시 증빙서류를 반드시 지참하시길 바랍니다.(의료보험증, 주민등록등본, 여권 중 택 1) 


Product Description
[BUTI Bus schedule]

Red line
Busan Station(Departure) -> Busan Harbor Bridge(via) -> UN Memorial Cemetery ->Busan Museum -> Yonghoman Sightseeing Boat Terminal(Transfer) -> Gwangalli Beach-> ARPINA -> Marine City ->Dongbaekseom Island -> HaeUnDae Beach (Transfer)-> Centum City -> Busan Cinema Center -> Busan Museum of Art (BEXCO)(transfer)-> Gwangan Bridge(Via) -> Peace Park -> Busan Harbor Bridge(Via) ->Gwangbok-Ro -> Busan Station(Arrivals)

Blue line
HaeUnDae Beach -> Dalmaji-gil Road -> Songjeong Beach -> Fisheries Science Museum/YongKung temple -> OSIRIA(Old East Tourism Complex) -> Busan National Science Museum -> Songjeong Station -> Busan Museum of art/BEXCO -> HaeUnDae Beach

Green Line (Yonghoman Oryukdo )
Yonghoman Sightseeing Boat Terminal -> Oryukdo -> Yonghoman Sightseeing Boat Terminal

[JUMBO Bus schedule]

Busan Station(Departure) -> Yeongdodaegyo Bridge -> Huinnyeoul Culture Village -> Sky Observatory -> 75square -> Taejongdae Park -> National Maritime Museum -> Busan Harbor Bridge(via) -> Oryukdo Islands -> Yonghoman Bay cruise ship terminal -> Pyeonghwa Park -> Songdo Beach -> Nampodong BIFF/Gukje Market -> Jagalchi Market

[Diamond bay Yacht tour course)
Day tour(60min) : Oryukdo - Gwangan Bridge
Night tour(60min) : Gwangan Bridge - Nurimaru - Haeundae - Marine City

Price (Inclusions / Exclusions)
BUTI or JUMBO Bus ticket Voucher,Diamond bay Yacht tour voucher

[Not included]
Personal expenses
Cancellation and Refund Policy
※Priority is given to the refund policy of the vendor corresponding to the payment instrument.

[Diamond Bay]
The refund policy for customer reasons and delayed arrival is as follows.

Cancellation of 3 days prior to departure : 100% refund
Cancellation of 2 days prior to departure : 70% refund
Cancellation of 1 day prior to departure : 50% refund
Cancellation on departure date : No refund (100% cancellation fee on normal fare)

Full refund for cancellation due to natural disaster and weather condition.
Cancellations and schedule changes are available until 7:00 PM one day before departure.

Within 30 days from date of purchase (Within validity period) - Full Refund
After 30 days from date of purchase (Beyond validity period) - No Refund
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